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RE: Standings Reset Summary
This is for those you post comments in local not really having any clue of the background and reasoning in standings resets.  Or is simply for those who wanna know and read.  Or for those who simply what  Mordus Angels is all about past 6-7 years.

E-mails posted from/to MoA/Goons
CFC Resets Mordus Angels
From: Powers Sa
Sent: 2012.11.29 04:21
To:  Gen Eve
    Due to continued failure to integrate with the coalition, and make any meaningful headway in participation in coalition operations (roaming fleets, strategic ops, etc), the CFC has decided to re-evaluate its relationship with Mordus Angels. Gen Eve, in most of our actual conversations you lamented the fact that you were blue to the CFC, so we've relieved you of that burden.    The CFC has reset Mordus Angels.

        While the CFC is known for its sense of humor and fair play, and we frown on alliances who fail to contribute to the greater good. Therefore  we choose to interpret this as a good-natured attempt to provide entertainment for the members of each of our alliances by means of a protracted and all-out sovereignty war on your two systems.
        It's been real~
        P.S. Ron Paul 2016

I must say you [goons] have remained loyal to your reputation: stabbing in the back your allies during your eve history in various entity incarnations.  We have no intention of " a protracted and all-out sovereignty war on your two systems. "  Furthermore, we can transfer you back those systems at leisure, to which ever entity you prefer. 

Just a reminder: we were not the 1st ones to request standings, rather the other way around. I was contacted and offered standings and independence by Vile Rat after many JB incidents, particularly http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=12509097  Our loot drops from 'JB plexing' was just too big to ignore, running sometimes over 100bil a month.  We refused standings TWICE, but on 3rd occasion you offered ex Mostly Harmless systems and to satisfy our industry peeps, we accepted. We became blue in 1st place based on condition we remain INDEPENDENT which we remained to the last day of our agreement.  Your way of thinking is to INTEGRATE, which is complete opposite.  To US that means we become complete PETS sitting in your comms and listening to 'nigger conversations.  ' We are NO PETS flying into 1000 peeps fleets with drakes shooting structures 24/7.  You knew that from beginning, however, your comprehension and culture of the game is different than hours.  We did what I said we will be doing: flying INDEPENDENT fleets and on your behalf, attacking enemies in Venal, Branch, Syndicate.  BUT we never did what you wanted us to be: another tool in your ISK to real $$ making machine. You have egoistic leaders, should I politely say money grabbing pricks, who have devised schemes to make this space adventure game into something that is not, a money grabbing tool, in the process taking the fun out of it.  Your drive in this game is ISK.  Everything you do is about ISK ie Tech moons. Your real masters make $$s.  They have RL $$ salaries, are playing eve on jabber, BUT never log in the game. That is why goons are on great number of social networks running the show, so the ISK machine keeps going.   That is why "they placed themselves doing all the work, so you [CFC pets] don't have to."  Sounds familiar?! lol

We kept our part of the deal, you did not.  Once you saw we remained what we are, you have tried to steal our assets, both peeps and corps, on various occasions, offering ISK in the process.   Now it is all in the open and this statement is for those who care to know what has happened and why.

Be as it may, have fun in your sovereignty wars.  I wish you well conquering the entire null sec.  We will remain in Mordus Legion space, been here 6 years during much bigger invasions, will remain here as well next 6 years, with one difference.  We will have FUN in the game when we log in; you can have your Titan, POS whatever CTAs etc and grind structures 24/7.  Our peeps will continue to make ISK in your industry corps, while their mains will be flying with us taking scalps. 



PS Keep checking our KB, you will see yourself there often :
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