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Author Topic: REVENANT DOWN!  (Read 23163 times)

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« on: May 31, 2015, 23:54:57 »
From: Gen Eve
Sent: 2015.05.31 23:54
To: Mordus Angels,


We lost a REVENANT today! YES a REVENANT!

Now,  WTF!  AND HOW?  Don't spill your coffee.  It is not that bad.  Actually is quite OK.  HOW?
MOA Leadership was contacted weeks in advance of potential hi-level defector in CFC.  He was going to steal a revenant and join us or anyone since bored from goonies, bla bla the usual story.  I gave it a chance of success 5%, some did 10%, but it was worth a shot.  Why?  We had defectors in the past, which AWOXed billions and/or stole billions in the past from goonies and from their vassals,  so one never knows.

At the end of the day, Goonies shot and killed THEIR OWN REVENANT!  It is absolutely NO REAL LOSS of any ISK  to MOA, and it is a combined loss of our efficiency killing CFC from 77% to 76% - a full 1%!  If we add tonight's kills we have done by the rev before it died 28.3 Bil, by MOA approx 6.2 Bil, totaling 34.5 Billion ISK in kills of CFC turds tonight only.  You can see the impact in stats - insignificant. 

Now the WHY?  We have been attacked, camped to death in multiple stations simultaneously with IS BOXING peeps with up to 60 capitals 24/7, we have been "destroyed"  in pompously announced campaigns  time and time again, year after year minimum once a quarter, and despite all, we going now 9th year stronger than ever!   In every of these campaigns, we have been made "irrelevant" or "non important" or "non strategic" BUT we have been SUBJECT to the goonie's fury,  focus and attention.  This last attempt just shows HOW SIGNIFICANT we are and how much ATTENTION they pay on us.  They tried EVERYTHING. They FAILED.  We have nights where we kill 10s of billions of goonies and their vassals and best they can do is KILL THEIR OWN supers to create game content and propaganda .  What it creates for us is PUBLICITY and name recognition money can't buy.  This is the THIRD REVENANT LOST in the game, EVER!  We are on every news channel - Who is MOA and why the goonies are so fixated to go through EXTREME lengths to "kill/destroy" someone who is 100s times smaller than them?- these are questions peeps are asking.  IF this is best goonies can do to create a picture of us being bad, I say BRING IT ON!  BUILD MORE SUPERS GET THEM IN MOA AND BLOW THEM UP!  Let's do it again.  1800 people on the Revenant's  loss-mail, HIGHLIGHT of the CFC in 2015 - how pathetic.

Finally, despite all this preparation and effort they went though, EVE has game mechanics which enable us to prevent this.  I chose not to.  During the event, I could have easily transferred Mordus Angels to another  alt executor corp temporarily, and eject DTAS from MOA, preventing this kill mail to be on the books.  However;  I chose not to for the above reasons.  All we can do is see what they try to do next. 

In mean time, see you on grid scalping goonies!

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« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2015, 14:05:57 »
Nobody cares about isk efficiency, Gen :)
Chalk it up to content creation and folks had fun.  No need to even bring up the efficiency malarky.