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Author Topic: NC.'s STAB IN THE BACK - NOT! - part 2  (Read 20224 times)

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NC.'s STAB IN THE BACK - NOT! - part 2
« on: August 04, 2016, 18:59:27 »

NC.'s STAB IN THE BACK - NOT! - part 2

Dear Mordus Killaz

I am writing you again in such a short period again because lots has happened in the past 24 hours.  My mass mail to Mordus Alliance has found its way to Reddit and from there to the entire EVE community and eventually to Vince, the CEO of NC.

Needless to say he was "displeased" to say the least on the chain of events that have unfolded, particularly since this apparently was not his intention, especially in the manner they did unfold. 

After catching up with Vince and clarifying there was some clear miss communications (and some "slight" over reactions by his " associates," which in turn provoked MOA CEO meetings and you know the rest), an arrangement has been agreed everyone will benefit from going forward.  Mordus Angels has been recognized as an alliance which has done its part for the winning the war against CFC and will continue to enjoy the spoils of war, and NC. has upheld its reputation with Vince at its helm.  This is particularly important because I, we, have accused NC of backstabbing MOA which I was assured it was not Vince's intention after all.  Kudos to Vince for the time and effort making this entire mess right over our twelve hour marathon session.

What does this mean to Mordus Angels?  Do we lose independence and become blue and hold hands and take windy walks?  Hell NO.  We fight, with the exception to have pleasure blowing up NC and have fun in the process.  We fight,  with the exception of mutual respect and honor.  We fight,  with the exception if Goonies on grid, we join forces and scalp Goonies again.

Enough said. 

Mordus Angels - Independence is a Luxury