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Author Topic: Mordus Legion - Renters Policy  (Read 15285 times)

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Mordus Legion - Renters Policy
« on: April 22, 2017, 23:17:54 »

    Updated - 09 Jul 2017 added clarifications on PI and APIs
    Updated - 21 Jan 2018 minor tidy up & clarification on escalations & wormholes
    Updated - 01 Feb 2018 added Anthanors
    Updated - 25 Feb 2018 Rent now collected using Corporation Contracts.

    Maps and List of Available Systems
    Rules and restrictions

    • You rent the whole system
    • Every renter has to join the rental alliance Mordus Legion. [MOL]
    • With the exception of high end R32 and R64 moons, the renter owns 100% of the resources in his system. Already occupied moons do not have to be vacated
    • Renters own the resource in their system except for escalations & wormholes - anybody can use these.
    • The renter has a right to deploy as many starbase POSs and modules as they wish
    • Rent payments are collected by accepting a Corporation Contract sent to your corporation, and these are issued to you from the Executor Corp Mordus Holding. [MOHD].  These are issues ahead of the 1st day of every month.
    • In the event that two renter Corporations want the same system and have agreed this with two different members of the MOA Command team, the time stamp of the payment into the [MOHD] account will determine who gets the system.  So basically, get your payments in the strike the deal.
    • If you join part way through a month you should pay the remainder of that month immediately when you first join the Alliance.  e.g. If you join on the 12th of January, you will need to pay 31-12 = 19 days, so 19/31 x your Monthly Rent
    • System upgrades have to be paid by the renter and will need to be installed by any MOA Command or by mailing the in-game mail list called "MOA Structures"
    • Mordus Angels [MOA] are is not responsible for campers in your systems! Deal with it!
    • Renters are allowed to fly escalations and scan for wormholes in every system, regardless who owns it
    • All Ice Belts are owned by the Renter Corporation and cannot be used by other Corporations in the Alliance.
       If these rules are not followed, please report this to any Director of Mordus Holdings [MOHD]
    • Cancellation of the Renter programme is only possible at the end of month! NO ISK BACK.
    • Don’t anchor too many bubbles, have mercy on your fellow renters
    • You are NOT allowed to fly any combat, data or relic sites in any system, except our own! The only exceptions are your DED escalations (Maze etc.) and scanning for wormholes. If you fail to oblige you'll have to pay 100M ISK to Mordus Holdings [MOHD] as a penalty

    Citadels and Refineries
    • Medium citadels (Astrahus) are allowed in rented systems.  Medium Refineries (Athanors) are allowed when you rent a Moon.  All Moons are offered for rent for MOA & MOL, and Renters can rent Moons in different systems outside of their rented system.   Please check the ADM before anchoring as a ADM 6 for a non-MOA Corp will take 6 days to Anchor.
    • Large+ (Fortizars & Keepstars) are NOT allowed to be owned by the Renter.  You can purchase one, and MOA will anchor it for you, giving you Gunner access.  But we can't allow Renter to fortify MOA space with such strategic defense assets.
    • Large+ Citadels that are already anchored in rented space MUST be transferred to [MOA] with NO Exceptions.  Please contact contact any MOA Command  to organise this, or it will be blown up
    • [MOA] will manage the Large+ Citadels for you.  Taxes from your Citadel will NOT be paid to your Corporation as we won't be able to separate our fees from different Citadels
    • Ownership of any Citadels that were transferred to [MOA] under friendly terms will be returned if the Rental arrangement comes to an end in a friendly manner
    • Fuel: The renter corporation has to buy the fuel and provide it on the Citadel.  [MOA] will then fuel the Large+ Citadels for you when required
    • You are not allowed to install any Standup industry modules in citadels (Manufacturing, invention and research)
    • If you violate these rules your renting contract will be terminated, you will be evicted and the citadel in question destroyed

    Engineering Complexs
    • Renter Corporations are not allowed to anchor M, L or XL Engineering Complex yourself. If you desire one contact any MOA Command to make your request.  You will be responsible for buying the Engineering complex but [MOA] will anchor it for you. Free of charge
    • The Renter Alliance will charge a tax of 50% for all industry, research and invention jobs.  This only covers the "Job Cost" based on the system index.  i.e. 50% x 1.30% x 8,000,000 ISK = 52,000 ISK for a T1 Frigate
    • If you violate these rules the Engineering Complex in question will be destroyed. Additionally you will be removed from the Renting program

    Customs Offices, Infrastructure Hubs & iHub upgrades
    • [MOA] owns all customs offices (POCOS) and Infrastructure Hubs (IHUBs)
    • You own all the resources in the system that you rent, but as long as others aren't complaining, we'll let you run PI in any MOA system
    • [MOA] charges between 5 - 10% taxes
    • Any customs offices that don’t currently belong to [MOA] should be reported in the Mordus Intel chat channel and also mailed to any MOA Command.  If you own the POCO yourself, please transfer it to [MOA] before it gets blown up.  We will not refund your loss
    • If your chosen system already has an iHub installed, great, MOA are already paying the upkeep costs.  If your system does not and you want one, then please contact any MOA Command.  If the system is of strategic importance to MOA and your monthly rent is 2bn+ then we'll likely install one for free.  If not, then we would ask that you pay for the iHUB (c660m ISK) and MOA will then form a fleet to install it.
    • If your system has an IHUB, you can have any and all Military and Industrial IHUB upgrades.  We ask that you purchase the upgrade module for your own system(s).  Then contact any MOA Command and arrange for them to fly down to the system.  We ask that you meet us at the IHUB with a Deep Space Transport (DST), you then share your Fleet Hangar, and a DTAS character can then drag and drop the upgrade from your hanger into the iHUB.
    • We don't fit Strategic upgrades as these are MOA assets and are managed by exception due to the size of the daily upkeep costs -  i.e. Jump bridge, Cyno beacons, Cyno surpression etc

    Docking rights, Citadels Access Lists and Jumpbridges
    • Renters gain access to all [MOA] and Coalition GOTG Jumpbridges - See Jumpbridge Networks for details (Secure Forum access only)
    • Renters gain access to all [MOA] and Coalition GOTG Stations, Citadels, Engineering Complexes and Refineries
    • Renters gain access to all [MOA] and Coalition GOTG Intel & Public channels, along with Hauling and Supply chats rooms and mail lists
    • Renters gain access to all [MOA] TeamSpeak (TS) and Forums.  You do NOT gain access to Coalition TS and Forums.

    Your Obligations as a Renter
    • Pay your rent on time !!!  Rent must be paid to Mordus Holdings [MOHD] on the 1st day of the month.  We really don't like chasing for money.  If your are consistently late, you will be warned and eventually kicked from the Renter Programme if the problem persists
    • Provide and maintain a full Corporate API - if it expires, we will be asking for a new one.
    • If a member of your Corporation is guilty of AWOX (Attacking or aiding in the destruction of friendly ships) the Renter has to compensate the victims in full.  Repeat occurrences will escalate to you either removing the guilty pilot, or your whole Corporation being kicked from the Renter programme.  These rules are here to protect everyone
    • Renters must correctly configure their Starbase POS towers to use Alliance standings & Attack players with standing below 0.1.  This is IMPORTANT, especially if we're trying to help out in a fight. If you don't set these correctly, you will be warned and eventually kicked from the Renter Programme if the problem persists for more than 1 month

    Other Rules to ensure that we all play nicely
    • Please don't spam in alliance mails (adverts, random messages etc).  Punishment for spamming Alliance mail is 100m ISK fine, paid to Mordus Holdings [MOHD]
    • Members of a Corporation are the only ones that have the right to use resources of the system they are renting (including scanning).  Instances should be reported to any Director of Mordus Holdings [MOHD], and the offender will then be warned and eventually kicked from the Renter Programme if the problem persists for an unreasonable amount of time - say more than 1 week
    • Any violations of the rules, depending on the level of the violation, will be punishable based on MOA Command evaluation, up to permanent exclusion of the corporation in question from the alliance
    • We reserve the right to amend and refine these rules at any time, in the interests of running a smoother Renter programme
    • Note, when applying to join Mordus Legion, go to Corporation-Alliance-Rankings, press the "Show All" button, then sort by name and find  Mordus Legion.  Left click, the press "Apply to Join".  Please then mail  Greedy Bustard to notify us that the application has been sent - there are no in game notifications, so we need an in game mail to point it at your application.

    When reading the following, please use the following definitions.
    MOA Command means any of the following Mordus Angels [MOA] XOs - semoon47, Jokelerie, Efraya, Nata Asphyxia.
    Mordus Holdings [MOHD] means contact any Director of the Executor Corp of [MOL] - Greedy Bustard, Theodurr

    Thank you, and enjoy your Renter space !

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