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Xarian Thurston:
Hi MOA bro's and New capsuleers

I am Xarian Thurston aka Luhter Thurston , CEO of The Burgundian Bastards. I will be leading the training corp of MOA alliance , so if you're new or you want to help out new people join my corp and together we can reach you to a new level of playing in eve.

We will search for you a spot in our minds on whatever path you take in eve , We will learn you the basic skills of playing in 0.0 and even beyond.We WILL make you strong and you WILL know the meaning of fun in eve with us.

Join us now and see what its all about.

If you planning on joining a different corp in MOA and they don't have time to teach, you can first join mine and when you think you know enough, we can always send you on your way to your destination corp.  This way corp CEO's have more time and when they get you in there corp, they will be jealous of all the things you already know.

This also counts for corp members inside MOA already. This corp is open for all.


api key is required

[DTAS] semoon47:
Nice work !

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[QUUIK] Faggory Daggory Doo:
A great idea indeed.

Royal Amarr Transportation will happily take on any recommended pilots which have completed the training requirements of this corp.


[SPANT] Keno Skir:
What are the basic essentials for new guys?

Or is it just same as standard Alliance (+20M SP etc)?

[DTAS] Efraya:

--- Quote from: [SPANT] Keno Skir on June 05, 2017, 18:32:33 ---What are the basic essentials for new guys?

Or is it just same as standard Alliance (+20M SP etc)?

--- End quote ---

Wouldn't be a training corp if it had the 20m SP pre-req.


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