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Registration Guide
« on: March 05, 2014, 22:58:25 »
Registration Guide
Welcome to the new and improved Mordus Angels Forum, We have integrated our web forums, TeamSpeak 3 and API verification to one system to streamline access and improve security.
This guide will show you the steps needed to register fully to access all of the alliances communications. 

Once you are fully registered the New to MOA? Read this! will help you find your way.

Here's a guide to walk your through MOA Forum registration, MOA TeamSpeak, Coalition Forum registration, Coalition SSO token registration, Coalition TeamSpeak and Coalition Discord - ALL OF THESE ARE ESSENTIAL FOR YOU TO ENGAGE AND PARTICIPATE IN MOA.

After the image file, there's a standard Text description just incase you struggle.

Step 1: Forum Registration
Go to the following link http://mordusangels.com/index.php?action=register or alternatively click register on the navigation bar along the top of this page.
The required fields are pretty self-explanatory however you will require an API that is set to non-expire unless you want to renew it. You can use the template at this link https://community.eveonline.com/support/api-key/CreatePredefined?accessMask=25165896 or alternatively please ensure you have the following criteria.

Characters: All
Type: Characters
Private Information:
  • CharacterInfo
  • CharacterSheet

Public Information:
  • CharacterInfo
  • FacWarStats

--- NB: Your API will only be used to verify your position within Mordus Angel and for random Security Checks. ---
After you have input your API details you will need to select your “Character to use” and click “Get Character” (This should be your main character that is within the alliance)

Step 2: TeamSpeak Link Up
After you have registered and your API have updated with the forum you will be assigned your access so specific areas such as Alliance, Corp or CEO/Director. These can be transferred to TeamSpeak as well.
This is done by going to the profile tab on the navigation bar and clicking “Temars Eve Api” from the drop down.

The click “TeamSpeak” on the “Temars Eve Api” page.

Once the TeamSpeak page has opened you then need to select “[] Use TS Unique ID” (As highlighted with the orange line), Pasting your TeamSpeak Unique ID (TS-UID) into the corresponding box below and clicking register.

To obtain your TS-UID you need to go to your TeamSpeak 3 Window, Click “Identities” from the “Settings” dropdown and copy your TS-UID (As highlighted with the red line)

--- NB: Please be patient at TeamSpeak updates its permission hourly on the hour although we are working on adjusting this to quarter-hourly on the hour ---

Please Add the new TeamSpeak IP Address into your bookmarks.
Teamspeak IP Address:
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Re: Registration Guide
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2014, 00:39:21 »
If you are having issues registering with the above, you can try the "Online Name Check" method:

  • Click on Profile->Temar's Eve Api
  • Click on the "TeamSpeak" tab below "Temar's Eve API"
  • Select "Online Name Check" radio
  • Select your main character's name
  • Connect to TS (ts.mordusangels.com) with that exact tag/corp/name
  • Hit the Register button
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Re: Registration Guide
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2014, 04:13:16 »
Note for new Members Setting up IT Services
From: Imanato
Sent: 2014.12.13 04:10
To: Mordus Angels,

I am sending this email because as of late there has been an increase of this particular error. Please keep this for future reference for when you get new members.

If you have a new member registering, make it clear to them that deleting thier accounts and trying to recreate them to "fix" API will NOT work.

Doing this creates a issue which results in having to manualy scrub data out of the Database, something that is very annoying for the server administrator to have to do (noone likes database splunking, especially not in the "fun" created by temars). It should be noted that until cleared, this also prevents you from registering on any online item linked to this system.

If you need to do API stuff just delete the key on your account through profile management and add another, NEVER DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT, IT DOES NOT HELP ANYONE.


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Re: Registration Guide
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2015, 20:51:00 »
If you just joined the alliance, don't immediately setup an API.  It will just cache out of date info. 

If you already setup your API the minute you joined alliance, just "Change Profile" on your API screen (Profile -> Temar's Eve APi -> "Change Profile") and it will refresh.